Angelika Kogevina


Greek, born 1980 in Athens.
Lives and works between Corfu and Athens, Greece.

Angelika was born in Athens but was brought up in Corfu where she spent her youth. After high school she moved to Athens where she studied at the Vakalo School of Art.

Having graduated with a BA in interior design she worked in this field for a few years realizing that she was more and more fascinated and attracted by the everyday objects that surround us. This fascination led her to start ceramic lessons and she immediately fell under the spell of clay as a material. She went on to study at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC ) and graduated in 2006 with an MA in Ceramics. Her thesis was on "Mind Entrapment as a Human Condition".

Her MA art work was exhibited in various galleries and institutions in Great Britain. She returned to Greece where she set up her own studio in 2007. Her work is to be found in numerous private collections and is sold at the Benaki Museum of Athens, in boutiques and galleries in Athens and Corfu.

« All the pieces I create are unique, made by hand and with all my love. I am fascinated by the impact that an everyday object can create on the viewer. I am attracted by natural colours and techniques that embody the imperfection and the uniqueness of something being created without any machine being involved. Expanding the limits of the material and the impression of fragility has always been my interest. »

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