Gisèle Deneumoustier


Gisèle Deneumoustier was born in Brussels in 1938.
She studied ceramics at a professional school in Brussels in the 1970’s and printmaking at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Brussels in the early 1980’s.

She has exhibited her work, first ceramic sculpture and later prints, continuously in Belgium and abroad since the 1980’s. In her prints she combines with great subtlety a variety of techniques all of which she uses with great mastery : etching, aquatint, burin, mezzotint, drypoint. She is considered one of the finest Belgian printmakers of her generation.

Gisèle Deneumoustier’s prints are created in series : Seascapes, Angels, Trees, Cats, Interiors Beds... Realistic detail and fine observation are tempered with dreaminess and whimsy. The mood created by her images tends to a magical reverie, often tender, always mysterious and sometimes dark.

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