Vadim Gushchin


Russian, born in Novosibirsk in 1963. Lives and works in Moscow.

In 1986 he graduated at the Moscow Energy Institute. He devoted himself to artistic activity since 1988.
Known primarily for his work, made in the genre of post-conceptual still life. Inspired by his hero Kazimir Malevitsj, Gushchin takes everyday objects out of their context, thereby giving them new meaning. Guschin’s abstract work has been exhibited across the globe in a range of major museums.

"When shooting the object, I’m trying to abstract from it. It is no more than a framework for me, to which something bigger can be attached. The object transforms into archetype without distinct individual features. It turns into an abstract concept, an idea, into a recognizable internationally unified sign : such as a book, an envelope or a pill. That is also the reason for the utmost bareness of the set within which the object is placed. The scene as well becomes an abstract, unreal metaphysical space.

The interpretation of such an abstract image occurs primarily through color. Color becomes the main participant of the mise-en-scène and the basis for everything else. Color, attached to the framework of the object, in addition to the emotional coloring, infuses it with the specific functionality. Color imposes on the object a function of a cultural reference to something bigger, known for a long time, but maybe somewhat forgotten. My pictures should evoke cultural memory.

I’d like to define my style as abstract object photography or object abstraction. I wouldn’t use the term ‘still life’ here, because it confuses the viewer. Saying this, I signify my attempt to create the ultimate abstract image by means of classical sharp photography, without any alternative processes or soft focus lenses. The significance of my work is in its total photographic quality."
- Bleek Magazine Interview, 2014

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