Maika Gonzalez

Museum Exhibitions

Railroad and Mines Museum, Andalucia, Spain.
Minas y Trenes Museum, Andalucia, Spain.
Federico Garcia Lorca Museum, Granada, Spain.
National Museum of Drawing, Huesca, Spain.
National Library Museum, Madrid, Spain.
Lucia Bosse Museum, Madrid, Spain.
Picasso Museum, Malaga, Spain.
Saint Francis of Assisi Museum, Assisi, Italy.
Church Museum, Saint Tomero, Abruzzo, Italy.
Naif Museum, Nice, France.
Sacro Museum, Caracas, Venezuela.
Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas, Venezuela.
Venezuelan Petroleum Salon, Caracas, Venezuela.
Intervention in Almagro, Spain.
International Museum of Naive Art, Madrid, Spain.
Museum of Naive Art, Paris, France.
Barbaro Rivas Museum, Caracas, Venezuela.
National Salon of plastic arts, Fine Arts Museum, Caracas, Venezuela.
Biennale in Barbaro Rivas Museum, Caracas, Venezuela.

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