Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera


Spanish, born 1970 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Lives and works in Paris, France.

After receiving his BA in economics, marketing and advertising Jorge moved to Paris where he now also works as an art dealer specializing in Spanish and Latin American modern art.
He has been creating collages since 1998 and has been exhibiting regularly ever since.

He has won a number of prizes for his work, which is to be found in many public collections (Musée Carnavalet, Paris/ Musée Artcolle, Brittany / CICCA, Las Palmas / Fondation Mapfre, Madrid). In April 2014 he received the first prize at the International Collage Salon held in Paris.

His collages are made with a great variety of pictures of figures, animals, plants (notably cactuses, his personal symbol) and objects cut out mostly from illustrations in auction house catalogs, Sotheby’s, Christie’s and the Gazette de Drouot. These are carefully glued onto his own photographs of city views and landscapes. The cut-outs are frequently small and rather delicate. They are incorporated into the space of the photographs in a very subtle manner creating a truly illusionist effect. The incorporated figures seem like friendly invaders - whimsical ghosts from the historical past strolling nonchalantly through the modern streets and parks of the photos.

For the "Landscapes and Myths" and "Poseidon" exhibitions of summer 2014 in Paxos, Greece, Jorge created four collages of the underwater world peopled by mythical figures, sea creatures and plants evoking the realm of Poseidon and his companions - visionary images mixing poetry, humour and magic.

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