3 août 2019 -31 août 2019

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Since the publication in 2004 of the Louis Vuitton ”Carnet d’Athènes” watercolor book, Pavlos Habidis (born 1957) has become increasingly well-known for the beauty and wit of his watercolors, depicting the cities and islands of modern Greece.

He has since published four more books of watercolors, three of which depict towns and an island of the Ionian sea : Perpatontas stin Preveza (2011), Parga ( 2014) and A Journey to Paxos (2014). His latest watercolor series published as a book - Spring in the Valley -was commissioned by the Archeological Authoritiy of the Temple Valley of Agrigento and depict the famous Greek temples of Sicily. They were exhibited at the Studio Museo Franceso Messina in Milan and at the Italian Cultural Center in Athens in 2018.

The watercolors of the current exhibition were executed this summer and autumn of 2018 and were inspired by his stay in the old town of Corfu. It is these works as well as a book of watercolors which will be published by Chris Boïcos Fine Arts in the spring of 2020.

These new watercolors are the homage that the artist Pavlos Habidis pays not only to the beauty of the old town of Corfu but also to the long tradition of watercolorists of the island, one of the most depicted in Greece – from Edward Lear to John Singer -Sargent and the Corfiot watercolorists, Angelos Giallinas, Stefanos Sgouros or Spyros Sourtzinos.

Their mix of careful observation of buildings and people, their often humorous vision of both and their loose, unpretentious style, composed of light ink markings and transparent color washes, make them some of the best modern renderings of the summer atmosphere and mood of a Greek island.

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Elias Papanikolaou was born in Athens in 1974. He studied painting from 1991 to 1996 at the Αthens School of Fine Arts under Nikos Kessanlis.

He is well known in Athens for his paintings which capture typical images of Greek figures, architecture and landscape, which he then reduces to essential and instantly recognized thumbnail images which expertly combine emotion and humour in clear luminous, colours and incisive line.

His works have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in the following galleries : ARTIO, Zoumboulaki, Titanium, Astrolavos, Melanythros, Cube, Kaplanon 5, Metamorphosi, Ikastikos Kiklos, Syntagma Metro Station, Grigoriadis Gallery, Ikastikos Kiklos DL. He has also taken part in many important group exhibitions in London, Cyprus, New York, Paris, Smyrna and Istanbul. This is his first exhibition in Paxos, following a residency on the island in the summer of 2018.

Elias Papanikolaou - Red landscape 2017, Pigment powders on canvas - 70 x 100 cm

He has illustrated poem collections, music discs and book covers. In 2014 he began his cooperation with the Athens theatrical group ‘’Group Point Zero’’ for which he creates sets and costumes. His works are to be found in numerous public and private collections in Greece and abroad.

On the works in the current exhibition and his experience on Paxos he says :

"When I first visited the island of Paxos I saw a landscape that could be rendered using clear almost transparent compositions. The vantage points, the footpaths, the lingering traces of buildings and walls from the past within the olive groves, the clarity of the waters – all these, inspired a series of paintings which are a record of the emotions induced by the island. Very typical of the summer impressions of Paxos are the traces of the passing boats in the sea like fluid pencil streaks on a poetic canvas…"
Elias Papanikolaou - Paxos Blue 1 2019, Pigment powders on canvas - 40 x 50 cm

Exhibited Artworks :
Pavlos Habidis

Elias Papanikolaou

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