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Chris Boïcos Fine Arts is delighted to present two prominent contemporary Chicago artists – Michael Goro and Doug Stapleton - for the first time together in New York, at the 21st edition of the Salon Zürcher at the Zürcher gallery on Bleecker Street. The New York branch of the Zürcher gallery was founded by the well-known Paris museum curator and art historian, Bernard Zürcher (1953-2017) and his wife Gwenolee Zürcher in 2009, as an extension of their Paris gallery - inaugurated 1992 - in the Marais. Once a year, Salon Zürcher brings together an eclectic selection of artists represented by international art dealers in the premises of the gallery in Manhattan. It offers visitors an intimate alternative to the large-scale, superstore-style art fairs and is always held during the Armory Show week in New York. The choice of galleries and artists at the Salon reflects the Zürchers’ spirit of discovery, generosity and internationalism which has animated their careers as dealers and art historians in the last forty years.
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Misha Goro was born in 1966 and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia where he received his B.A. in architecture. In 1990 he emigrated to Jerusalem, Israel where he discovered intaglio printmaking and began to use it as his main medium. In 1993 he moved to the U.S. and completed his education, receiving an M.F.A. in printmaking at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently the Chairman of the graphics department of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, whose program he has developed and taught in the past fifteen years.

Goro’s works can be found in numerous private and public collections. He has held residencies and has exhibited widely in Chicago, New York, Seattle, London, Paris, Milan, Warsaw, Germany, Greece, China and Japan.

Goro has received a number of prestigious international awards : at the 2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial in China, the 7th Royal West of England Academy Open Print Exhibition in England, the 7th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints in Japan, the 14th and 15th Seoul Space International Print Biennal in Korea and at the International Print Triennial in Kanagawa, Japan.
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He is most particularly fascinated by cities and describes his artistic practice in printmaking and oil painting as “a continuous creative search for raw authenticity in urban environments and human forms that are constantly changing”. His vision of American cities – Chicago and New York – is in many ways that of the European immigrant. He is fascinated by their energy and grit, their hard shapes and lines, which he explores most particularly in the etchings. In his oil paintings, melting shapes and fluid forms translate the movement and flux of city streets. Lights, traffic, water reflections, wind and rain meld into each other defining the centrifugal energy of a great American metropolis in a manner reminiscent of the tough views of early modern New York in the paintings of George Bellows.

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Doug Stapleton is an artist, curator and educator born in 1963, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He received his BA from the University of Delaware in 1985 and his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989. He lives and works in Chicago. His work has been exhibited widely, and recent examples in Chicago have include venues such as the Chicago Cultural Center, Evanston Arts Center, the Loyola University Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College. He also works as a curator at the Illinois State Museum Gallery in Chicago and is an adjunct faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Arts graduate program at Columbia College. He is also a former Artistic Associate with the Chicago based contemporary dance company The Seldoms, for whom he worked on eleven evening length dance performances in the capacity of dramaturge and as a performer.

He is today best known for his practice in collage, the subject of an important solo exhibition at the Loyola University Museum of Art in 2012. Collage was first used as an experimental art technique in the Cubist and Dada periods by artists like Picasso, Braque, Hannah Höch and Max Ernst. Though digital imagery has in recent decades overtaken the printed photograph, the material quality of cut and pasted printed paper gives collage a distinctive edge which seamless and mechanical digital compositions often lack.
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Lanny Silverman, exhibition curator at the Chicago Cultural Center, says about Stapleton’s collages : “What collage allows for, is the perusal and recombination of imagery from a wide range of sources, making the artist a visual DJ of sorts . . . Stapleton’s use of collage emphasizes its ability to juxtapose seemingly disparate elements, in this case culled from photographs in books and magazines . . . Despite the disjunction of content, he often blends or softens the seams between images with gouache or colored pencils, actually making the viewer less aware of his process . . .The collages of bodies challenge Greco-Roman classicism’s rigid ideals by mixing them with more nonchalant contemporary gestures and clothing . . . . The tension between idealization and the imperfections of reality (and of aging), between a hint of eroticism and the straightforward quotidian sense of the body makes for a delightful mix. Stapleton rightly focuses his attention on hands and faces, wherein so much psychological content lies. His portraits often employ glaringly disproportionate replacement eyes which serve to reanimate and vitalize the often deadened stare of ancient statuary. The power of the gaze and the positing of meaning in it are excellent tools when displaced with odd contexts and thus manipulated. Although many of these pieces contain subtle narratives and obvious humor, there remains an enigmatic quality to the stories they tell, crossing boundaries of culture, religion, and time.”

Misha Goro - Chicago Paintings

Misha Goro - Canaletto in Chicago series

Misha Goro - New York Paintings

Misha Goro - New York Paintings II

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Doug Stapleton - Romansbildung

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