8 juillet 2016 -3 août 2016

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"Paxos ! Nature. Landscape. Architecture." is the second photographic exhibition of the summer in Paxos curated by Chris Boicos Fine Arts at the Old School of Loggos from 8 July - 3 August 2016. Spyros Kolovos and Dimitris Kintzios both live on the island all year long and Kevin Price has often visited in summer and spring. Their familiarity with the island in all seasons, light, weather and mood make this a particularly rich and varied show.
Kintzios and Kolovos intensify the effect of their photography by accentuating and sharpening color and light. Price extracts color and patterns from water surfaces and architectural textures and pushes his photography toward abstraction. Nature in the photography of all three is enhanced by artifice and familiar sites acquire a pictorial character which makes us reconsider our experience of them and see in them a greater beauty.

Opening of the exhibition on Friday 8 July, 6 – 11 pm !
The three photographers will be present to greet you and comment on their work.

Spyros Kolovos and Dimitrios Kintzios signing their works. Kevin Price photographer
Spyros Kolovos & Demetrios Kintzios. Kevin Price.


  • Spyros Kolovos / Σπύρος Κολοβός
    Greek, born in Paxos in 1960. Passionate about photography since childhood, he started taking pictures, first as an amateur, reflecting different aspects of the island. His passion has been turned into a profession and he opened his first studio in Gaios in 2000. He has recorded Paxos weddings, baptisms and many events of local social life. His lens capture landscapes in a way that, as he says “makes you travel”. Photography is for him the “synthesis of light and observation”.
    This is his first exhibition.


  • Demetrios Kintzios / Δημήτριος Κίντζιος
    Greek, born in Athens in 1969. His family origins, however, are in Paxos and he has been visiting the island since childhood. He settled permanently on the island in 1997. His passion for photography dates back to his school years and continues to this day as an amateur photographer. His focus is on the careful recording and framing of space and landscape. His imaginatively staged pictures reveal his great love for the island, and its natural beauty at all seasons.
    Kintzios has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and his work has been published in magazines, albums and calendars. He is a member of the Photography Club of Corfu, Photoleke.


  • Kevin Price
    English, born 1968. Lives and works in Malvern, England.
    Kevin Price is a well-established photographer in England with over twenty years of experience. Kevin combines a successful career as a commercial photographer with a passion for landscape and seascape photography. This is very much a theme in his latest portfolio on Paxos where his distinctive observation of light reveals texture and vibrancy in both his architectural and sea views. A variety of gallery quality papers adapted to the theme and texture of each image further enhance the essence of each photographic print.

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