17 juillet -18 juillet 2021

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Six Greek Ceramic Artists in Villerville

The last twenty years have witnessed across Europe, America, and Asia the explosion of
creativity in the ceramic arts in a way that openly challenges the often-tired evolutions and repetitive monotony of much of contemporary fine and conceptual art.

By combining tradition and innovation, an adherence to fine craft but also experimentation with new forms and ideas, ceramicists have considerably enriched their art, drawing the increasing attention and enthusiasm of the public, collectors, and institutions.

Contemporary Greek ceramics have not been absent from this remarkable evolution but due to the financial and social crisis of the last ten years and the traditionally small Greek craft and art market, they remain to this day much less known than their foreign colleagues both in Greece and overseas.
Chris Boïcos Fine Arts has been defending the originality and creativity of the Greek ceramic art scene for the past four years in a series of major summer exhibitions organized in collaboration with the municipality of the island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea :

“Contemporary Greek Ceramics in Paxos” 2016 and 2017
“Earth Wind and Fire” 2018
“Contemporary Greek Ceramic Jewelry” 2019
“Five Greek Ceramicists in Paris” 2019, under the aegis of the Embassy of Greece in France.

Building on the success of the Paxos and Paris exhibitions Chris Boïcos Fine Arts is now exhibiting six of the best-known ceramicists working in Greece, in the Salon “Terres en Bord de Mer” on 17 and 18 July 2021 at the Garage exhibition space in Villerville, Normandy.

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The work of Ilias Christopoulos, Haroula Koropouli, Iosifina Kosma, Angeiiki Papadopoulou, Angeliki Politi, and Giorgos Vavatsis has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Greece but also in Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Korea, China and other countries but only once before in France.The six ceramicists have been specially selected because of the distinctive and recognizable personality of their work. All together they represent the originality and variety of styles and approaches that co-exist in contemporary Greek ceramics.

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What they do have in common is, however, and age-old respect for the potter’s wheel, modelling by hand, the fundamental nature and centrality of clay as a material, and a love of Greek nature, its mountains, earth, sea and sunlight which in all cases inspire the forms, colors and textures of their works. Through these forms, textures and colors they posit a natural and still vital connection with the ancient past, working in the same land and light as their distant ancestors of classical and pre-historic times.

For the Villerville exhibition Chris Boïcos Fine Arts is introducing a special commission from Ilias Christopoulos :
The Athens and Paxos bathroom sets.
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The objective of these two hand-made ceramic bathroom sets was to infuse the banal and manufactured objects that surround us in this most intimate of domestic environments – the bathroom - with some of the grace and functional simplicity that is generally reserved for more noble household objects like vases or tableware.

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