At Boïcos Fine Arts Gallery, Central street Gaios, Paxos.

Poseidon fell in love with Amphitrite the most beautiful of the Nereids who hid in a cave to escape the god’s attentions. Dolphin, however, revealed her hiding place to his friend Poseidon. The god abducted the shy beauty and carried her off on his chariot to Corfu. There he struck the ground with his trident cutting off the southern tip of Corfu and creating a separate island, Paxos, where he spent his honeymoon with Amphitrite. He lost, however, his trident in the sea where it was found by the Paxiots, who made it their emblem.

Our artists, inspired by the island and the myth, have created the works for this exhibition in honor of Paxos and its founder, the Sea God.

Artists : Isabelle Bonte, Ettore Greco, Jérôme Hirson, David Loeb, Fathi Oulad, Jorje Rodriguez de Rivera, Douglas Stapleton, Patricia Vieljeux, Nicola Villa, Vivian van Blerk

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