Jean Christophe Ballot


French, born 1960. Lives and works in Paris.

My images interrogate memory. They carry with them the history of places and their transformation. The essential quality of my work has to do with the definition of empty space, always at the centre of my photography and my thinking. I seek a sensation of time suspended, a contemplative kind of photography.
All of my work is concerned with space:

  • Cities with urban and architectural landscapes: Berlin, Rome, Paris, Bratislava, Singapore.
  • Industrial harbors and industrial zones: Casablanca, Surabaya, the Port of Paris, the Renault factory in Boulogne-Billancourt.
  • Gardens and natural landscapes: Floodplains of the Loire.
  • Spiritual places: Mount Athos, the temples of southern India, Bali and Java, the pilgrims trail to Santiago de Compostella, the Beauport Abbey.
  • Places of memory: The Louvre museum, the former Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
  • Shuttered spaces: Nomadic architecture in the Sahel, the underground caves of Cappadocia.


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