Patricia Vieljeux


French, born in 1979.
Lives and works in Paris, France.

“After having worked in a variety of studios I opened my own in 1992. I work in stoneware and more recently in porcelain. I create pieces on the wheel or molded using the technique of coils and slabs.
I prefer very simple, pure forms that underline the functionality of the object. Most of my pieces are containers (bowls, salad bowls, cups, ladles...) made to be sober and classical in an timeless fashion.
I am inspired by both primitive and contemporary art. The clay in my pieces is emphasized by the subtle juxtaposition of textures created by engraving, fluting, striation, and also incisions that contrast with the smoother surfaces.
I like adding a touch of fantasy by the addition of a discreet detail like a wave on the edge of a bowl, or a small hole pierced at the top of another.”

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