28 juillet 2018 -1er septembre 2018

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Earth Wind and Fire is a unique exhibition of ceramic lights and original ceramic artwork to be held on the Ionian island of Paxos by twelve prominent contemporary Greek ceramicists from 28 July to 1 September 2018 :

Vasilis Anastasopoulos
Margarita Ekklisiarhou
Theodora Horafa
Ilias Hristopoulos
Kostas Karakitsos
Haroula Koropouli
Iosifina Kosma
Giannis Mamoutzis
Georgia Papavasileiou
Aggeliki Politi
Ifigenia Tsirou
Giorgos Vavatsis

The opening will be held in the seaside garden of Villa Dinos in the location of Balos, a mile south of the main port of Gaios at sunset on Saturday 28 July 2018.
The illumination of the ceramics at sunset will be accompanied by a chorus and percussion performance with an original musical score composed by Dimitra Trypani composer and professor of Musical Theory and Composition at the Ionian University, Corfu.
Wine and refreshements for guests, artists and the musicians will follow on the terrace of Villa Dinos where more ceramics will be on display outoors, indoors and by the pool-side.
Earth Wind and Fire is the second major Greek ceramic exhibition organized on Paxos by Chris Boïcos Fine Arts since 2017. A ceramic studio and residency for Greek and international ceramicists is being planned on the island and will be located inside a disused traditional Paxos olive press near Gaios.

Opening Date : Saturday 28 July 2018.
Time : 8:30 pm, half an hour before sunset (8:55 pm) on Saturday 28 July 2018
Place : Villa Dinos garden, Balos, Paxos
Exhibition dates : Earth wind and Fire continues on 29 July in villa Dinos (7:30 – 10 pm) and moves to the Old Schoolhouse in Loggos, Paxos from 5 to 30 August 2018 (open daily 8 to 11 pm)
For more information and photographs please contact Chris Boïcos through this website.

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Contemporary Greek ceramicists are, despite their originality and vitality, little exhibited or generally known by the public in Greece or abroad. The object of Earth wind and Fire is to bring together twelve of the most prominent current ceramicists in Greece around an original exhibition project, the creation of ceramic lights in a great variety of sizes, techniques and styles. Many of the artists participating were part of one of last year’s best ceramic exhibitions in Greece, held in July 2017 at the archeological museum in Delphi. The current show will also serve as a catalyst for the creation of an international ceramic studio and residency on the island which will be located inside a disused traditional Paxos olive press, generously lent to the association of the Friends of Paxos by former mayor and Paxos historian Spyros Bogdanos.

Earth Wind and Fire in Greece

By extracting modern Greek ceramics from their usual gallery and museum exhibition spaces and integrating them in a natural setting, Earth Wind and Fire wishes to re-connect the art of ceramics to the primeval elements that originally inspired ceramic forms and techniques. We will attempt to show how contemporary ceramics are fundamentally linked to the elements of Greek nature and thus in spirit to the emergence of ceramic art in the same environment in ancient times.
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Earth or clay is the element from which all ceramics are made. The traditional Greek terraced garden and olive grove by the sea in which the ceramic lights will be shown is also representative of the earth, rocks and nature of Greece.
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Wind and sea breezes are the element in which the ceramics will be shown in a typical Ionian garden by the sea. The soft breezes will carry the voices of the Greek chorus and music to our ears as the sun sets over the water and the ceramic lights glow in the descending dusk.
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Fire symbolizes the heat of the kiln in which the ceramics are fired as well as the light - electric and candle - emitted by the artworks. Prometheus who by stealing fire from the Gods and gifting it to humankind started civilization on Earth is the first artistic creator of Greek legend.
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Thanos Tsolas, Haroula Kouropouli, Chris Boïcos, Ifigenia Tsirou, Giorgos Vavatsis and Ilias Hrisopoulos in the villa Dinos garden during the preparations for the exhibition in April 2018.
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Ifigenia Tsirou adjusting the wiring in "Cave Light".
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Vasilis Anastasopoulos, “Mosaic Cube”.
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Haroula Koropouli, “Open Sphere” (detail).
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Iosifina Kosma, “Brown Flower”.
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Giannis Mamoutzis, "Cube".
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Ilias Hristopoulos, “Pierced Sphere”.
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Georgia Papavasileiou “Blue Knot”.
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Giorgos Vavatsis “Porcelain Sphere”.
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Aggeliki Politi, “Folding Cone”.

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Photography by Giannis Dimitras, Corfu.

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