• Place : Gaios - Loggos, Paxos, Greece

Many of the artists in this exhibition live or have worked on the island of Paxos.
Each in his own style an sensibility has responded to the beautiful nature and luminocity of the island. Some focus more on its villages, olive groves and seascapes, while others se in the present traces of the past. Reality and illusion, past and present, nature and art, mix in this rich exhibtion by contemporary creators. Artists from a great varity of backgrounds and cultures have come together to pay homage to the most beautiful island of the Ionian sea - Paxos.

Chris Boïcos, Pavlos Habidis and Faye Lychnou at the opening of the show, August 3 :

.Artists : Jean-Christophe Ballot (France), Isabelle Bonte (France), Hélène Dalloz-Bourguignon (France), Canan Cankaya (Turkey), Ettore Greco (Italy), Misha Goro (USA), Pavlos Habidis (Greece), Jerôme Hirson (France), David Loeb (USA), Kallia Kouva (Greece), Mayka (Venezuela), Emmanuelle Mellot (France), Mathieu Norwood (France), Pascal Oudet (France), Fathi Oulad (France), Angelos Panayiotidis (Greece), Chloe Peytermann (Switzerland), Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera (Spain), Pilar Saltini (Italy), Douglas Stapleton (USA), Gabriel Stauffer (France), Sandrine Tonnelier (France), Vasilis (Greece), Vivian van Blerk (South Africa), Patricia Vieljeux (France), Nicola Villa (Italy)

Landscapes & Myths II ” – a series of art exhibitions organized by Chris Boïcos Fine Arts, Faye Lychnou and the Municipality of Paxos, in August, in four locations in Paxos :

- The Old Schoolhouse of Loggos (daily 8 to 11 pm)- The Municipal picture gallery in the former customs house of Loggos (daily 8 to 11 pm)
- The Municipal Council meeting hall in Gaios - works by Vasilis - (daily 7 to 11 pm)
- Chris Boïcos Fine Arts gallery in the central street of Gaios (daily 11am to 1pm and 8 to 11pm)

The exhibitions open on 3 August 2014 in Loggos with a book signing
at the Loggos customs house of
A Journey to Paxos”, a book of 83 watercolors by the Athenian artist Pavlos Habidis.

The four exhibitions will be open from 3 August to 5 September 2014.

Paxos Watercolors 2012 - 2013 by Pavlos Habidis :

Dieu et Dionysos - Paxos olive trees by Jean-Christophe Ballot

Diana and Venus - Louvre sculptures by Jean-Christophe Ballot

The Niobids, Villa Medici, Rome - by Jean-Christophe Ballot

Ovid’s Metamorphoses by Vivian van Blerk

Marine paintings by Pilar Saltini

Paxos landscapes and marines by David Loeb

Mythological paintings and still lives by David Loeb

Poseidon watercolors by Nicola Villa

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