Our summer season in Paxos opens with an exhibtion with art by Ronald Bowen (USA), David Loeb (USA), Margaret McCann (USA), Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera (Spain), Nicola Villa (Italy) and ceramics by Emmanuelle Mellot (France) and Simone Perrotte (France).

Chris Boïcos and Sofia Kouva :

Gaios gallery, June 2015 show :

Ceramics by Emmanuelle Mellot, paintings and pastels by David Loeb :

Drawings by Ronald Bowen, painting by Margaret McCann :

Fish relief by Nicola Villa :

Collages by Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera, porcelain by Simone Perrotte :

Window with porcelain by Simone Perrotte :

Colored pencil drawings by Ronald Bowen :

Paintings and pastels by David Loeb :

Painting by Margaret McCann :

Collages by Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera :

Reliefs and paintings by Nicola Villa :

Ceramics by Emmanuelle Mellot :

Porcelain by Simone Perrotte :

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